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CHCP CIC Small Grants Programme

Posted by Michelle West on 1 February 2011 | Comments

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CHCP CIC Small Grants Programme First Round of Grants have been Awarded: We have awarded our first round of small grants to the following six voluntary and community organisations: Looking Good Feeling Good in North Hull Quaddy RG8 Football Team (North Hull) Cottingham Fitmums and Friends (Hull and East Riding) 1st Hornsea Scout Group (East Riding) Cruse Bereavement Care (Hull and East Riding) Beverley Cornerstone (Hull and East Riding) We have supported a wide variety of different types of activities across the communities of Hull and the East Riding and are looking forward to reporting on some of the impacts and results in due course. Lessons Learnt: There are a couple of key learning points from the assessments of the first applications that we would like to share for future potential applicants (these have been incorporated into the application form): if your project is seeking a contribution towards a larger project or event then please clarify how much other money has been secured and what specifically the CHCP award would be used for the timeframe for applications being submitted needs to be appropriate to the delivery timeframe for the project or event. As a general rule we would expect successful applicants to spend the award within 3 months of receipt The aim of the CHCP small grants programme is to provide an opportunity for local voluntary and community organisations and/or other not-for-profit organisations to contribute towards the health and wellbeing of people living in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire. The programme provides grants or donations of up to £500 maximum to carry out activities, projects or one-off events requiring an element of sponsorship. Who Can Apply for a Small Grant/Donation? In order to apply for a CHCP CIC small grant or donation you must meet the following eligibility criteria: A Not for Profit Organisation, Community or Voluntary Group Have a written set of rules, governing document or constitution (copies should be submitted with your application) The group or organisation needs to have been in existence for at least one year Have an annual income of less than £30K Work for the benefit of the local community in Hull and or the East Riding of Yorkshire. The activity/event needs to be in relation to health or wellbeing. This could include dance/drama/football club. This could also include a health or wellbeing learning activity or event. Needs to be led by volunteers How the grants will be managed? We will have four rounds of grants/donations per financial year in June, September, December and March. Application will need to be in by the 1st day of June, September, December and March and groups/organisations will be notified by the last day of these months. Decisions will be made by a Panel on meeting the criteria and resource available. The Panel will be made up of a maximum of 6 staff from a cross section of CHCP service areas. Membership on the Panel will change on a rolling basis. The monies available for each period/quarter will be £2,000. Groups will only be allowed to apply once per financial year. What do we require from you? A completed application form with all information on. The opportunity to publicise the activity or event. After the event/activity a statement on what difference the contribution has made to your group or community. For an application form and guidance notes please go to If you have any queries regarding the CHCP Small Grants programme then please e-mail:

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