Unplanned Pregnancy


As soon as you think you may have risked an unwanted pregnancy, think about emergency contraception to prevent conception. The most effective method is the ‘emergency’ IUD which can be fitted up to 5 days after the calculated date of ovulation. An emergency pill (there are 2 types) is less effective but readily available.  VIsit  for more information on emergency contraception, clinics and pharmacies where you get emergency contraception. It is also available from your GP.  

If you think you may be pregnant and this was unplanned, do a pregnancy test. You can buy these or they can be done on the spot confidentially and for free in any Family Planning or Sexual Health clinic. If your period is every four weeks, do the test if you don’t start your period on time. If your cycle is longer, do a test 3 weeks after the date you think you may have become pregnant; doing it earlier may give a  false negative result and you will think you are not pregnant when you are.   

If the test is positive, the choice is yours what you want to do next. It can be a very difficult decision for some but not others. Some women know straight away, others need time to decide. Everyone’s circumstances are unique to them. Our services are there to support you in whatever decision you make or help you require.

If you are pregnant, you have 3 options; to continue the pregnancy and place the baby for adoption or fostering, to continue the pregnancy and become a parent or end the pregnancy with abortion if you are legally able to do so. If you are unsure, look at the pros and cons of each option. The BPAS website suggests ways you can think this through

Sometimes it helps to speak to someone independent from your family and friends; we can arrange this for you if you speak to our clinic staff, or ring (01482) 336338 and ask to have an appointment with our counsellor. Please be aware not all counselling services support the option of abortion; ask when you first make contact with them.

If you want to become a parent, contact your GP or community midwife and book in for care.

If you are interested in adoption or fostering, you need to book in for maternity care. Information on adoption or fostering is available from your midwife and  telephone number 020 7421 2600.

If you are considering abortion, we can arrange an appointment for you. This can be through coming to one of our clinics or ringing us on (01482) 336338 or going to your own GP. We provide abortion care by the medical route up to 9 weeks of pregnancy. We provide a service for medical (tablet, not operation) abortion. You can have this procedure either with us  or at home. For other methods or lengths of pregnancy, we would arrange an appointment  elsewhere.  Hull Royal Infirmary’s Women’s Hospital provides medical procedures up to 9 weeks and surgical procedures to 12 weeks. BPAS provides medical and surgical procedures up to 24 weeks of pregnancy (more information can be found here). All services are confidential and free within eligibility criteria, please click here for further information on this. 

For independent information on the above click here for the FPA website.

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