Abortion Information

Sometimes a woman's circumstances are such that she feels she just cannot continue her pregnancy. As health carers, we appreciate this is a decision never taken lightly and often a decision of last resort, when a woman sees no other choice. Conifer offers a free, confidential Early Medical Abortion service. 

Like all services, the abortion service is totally confidential to women of all ages, and free to those who have right of access to full NHS care; please find further information here

The majority of abortions are performed locally. Procedures are done up to 14 weeks. If a woman is further on in pregnancy, a procedure is arranged for her in specialist units elsewhere in England. We recommend therefore that even if someone is only thinking about an abortion as an option, she seeks help as early as possible so if she does decide this is the best for her, she can be cared for locally.

Abortion care includes a sexual health screen, supply of the reversible contraceptive of choice from the full range for afterwards and open access to our counsellors.

Prevention is better than cure ….if all women used the very safe, highly effective  and rapidly reversible Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (the implant, the injection or intrauterine device or system), the need for abortion would almost disappear because most abortions are because contraception is not used properly or at all.

If you think you may be pregnant and would like to discuss this with our trained staff, please phone 01482 247111 or come to a sit-and-wait clinic at any of our sites.

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