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Breeze into Bridlington!

You can now walk-in to our Wednesday clinic from 3pm-6pm (no appointment needed).

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Withernsea Walk-Ins

Did you know you can walk-in to our Tuesday Withernsea clinic without an appointment?

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Easy access to appointments

Our online assessment is making it easier to #sortyourselfout. You can book an appointment or get the help you need by completing our online triage.

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STI testing kits

Need a test? No symptoms? Order a postal kit to test at home.

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Virtual Clinic

Do you have a question or need advice from an experienced nurse?

Our virtual clinic is open: Mondays and Thursdays: 6pm - 8pm

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you can visit your local pharmacy if you require oral emergency contraception.

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you can request a STI home testing kit if you do not have any symptoms.

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Anyone can catch monkeypox. You get a rash with blisters plus aches, a fever and swollen glands for up to three weeks.

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LGBTQ+ clinic

Appointment Only

For support, advice, screening and treatment.

Call 01482 336370 to book

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