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Hepatitis A is a liver infection caused by a virus that is spread in the faeces of an infected person,this can be unpleasant, but it is not usually serious, symptoms can be so mild that people may not realize they have it!

It is diagnosed with a blood test the test. There is no specific treatment most people clear the infection, but they can take several months this will lead to a lifelong immunity to hepatitis A.

Hepatitis A vaccine is available for people at high risk of infection.

NHS website.

Hepatitis B germ (virus) can cause a short-term infection, following infection, a minority of infected adults develop a persistent infection called chronic hepatitis B. Many people remain well but can still pass on the virus to others. Some develop serious liver problems. The virus is mainly passed on by sexual contact, by sharing needles to inject drugs, and from mother to baby.

Hepatitis B screening and Vaccine will be offered to people who access our service who are thought to be at risk.

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Hepatitis C is a virus that can infect the liver. If left untreated, it can sometimes cause serious and potentially life-threatening damage to the liver over many years.

There are no specific Symptoms for hepatitis C and most patients won't have any symptoms at all until the liver becomes damaged.

It is diagnosed with a blood test the test can

This is dependent on the type of virus on the stage of the disease process. Screening for Hepatitis C is available through conifer service and would be offered following a risk assessment.

Any active Hepatitis C infection would be discussed, and you would then be referred to a liver specialist for further testing and consultation.

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