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Condoms are the only contraception that protect against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. For more information click here.

Free condoms are available to anyone over 13 from MESMAC or Conifer at Wilberforce Health Centre.

MESMAC are located in the town centre, 15 Freetown Way HULL or you can ring them on tel: 01482 291190 or  online www.mesmac.co.uk

Free Condoms available at: 
  Opening times/Location
Kingsway Children's Centre Kingsway Children's Centre (Goole) (eastriding.gov.uk)
Marchlands Children's Centre  Marshlands Children's Centre (Goole) (eastriding.gov.uk)
Withernsea High School Withernsea High School - Home
Bridlington One Children's Centre Bridlington Children's Centre (Butts Close) (eastriding.gov.uk)
Bridlington Two Children's Centre Bridlington Children's Centre (Shaftesbury Road) (eastriding.gov.uk)
Beverley Two Childrens Centre  Beverley Children's Centre (eastriding.gov.uk)

All my enquiries and issues are being treated and cared for, all staff are friendly and helpful.



During my appointment I was pleased with all the information I was given throughout. It was explained how long contraception could take, went through everything thoroughly, very pleased.


GUM & Family Planning (Hull) - Made me feel calm and not worry about having an implant removed, spoke to me all the way through and reassured me it was okay.