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Contraception & LARC (long acting reversible contraception).

Options include the combined pill, the patch, the ring, the mini pill (progestogen only pill) condoms and diaphragms. We also offer long acting reversible methods (LARC) such as the injection (depo-provera and sayanna press) which lasts for 12 weeks, the rod (Nexplanon) which lasts for 3 years, the coil (IUD) which lasts for 5 -10 years and hormone coil (IUS) which lasts for 3 - 6 years. 

Repeat contraception & LARC (Hull) 

  • Please contact your GP who will provide repeat pills, patches and injections.
  • Contact Conifer for implants and the coil 

Repeat contraception & LARC (East Riding)

  • We provide repeat pills, patches and injections, implants and coils
  • You can also access contraception and LARC at the Beverley Hub. Call your GP practice or Access Hub on 01482 458262 to make an appointment.

Contraception after childbirth 

  • For contraceptive choices after you've had your baby please Click here.

Information about contraception  

For further information on contraceptive choices please visit Sexwise/contraception or www.nhs.uk

Appointments for contraception & LARC

Complete our online assessment for an appointment or contact us by clicking Here
If you are self-referring for a coil fitting as part of your HRT, please call 01482 247111. 


It helped me get my problem sorted, there is nothing I would like to change.


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Reception staff are lovely. Even though they were very busy. All had a smile.

Women's Health

Specialist Menopause - Staff friendly and professional. Doctor excellent in the information he gave me and pointing out options to maximise my health whilst in menopause.








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